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*grunts softly like a warthog in a bushel*

who am i

drew my good ol’ pal jono because what better way to find inspiration than stalking peoples profile photos and bastardising them ey
more watercolour bits
I’ve got a sexy evening date with some watercolours and a brush pen. Making me some business cards for those businessey days.
i’ve been drawing cakes all day at work! 
I went to the Birmingham Art Gallery & Museum yesterday and they have this amazing little collection of Japanese art and sculpture so I just had to draw something
creepy doodle time!
me thinking about fallout 4
Here’s a little infographic recipe from a project I’ve just started working on!
Bacon Wrapped Greens, just wrap ya bacon over ya greens. Cook em. Ya done.
Don’t worry, I won’t be posting recipes all the time. I mean, I will if there’s demand.. Drawing food is fun! :3