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*grunts softly like a warthog in a bushel*
Anonymous asked: Dear Claire! We are a creative consulting agency and we have a client based in Egypt where we are workin on a new brand book. We presented him various fonts and your Billy font was his favorite. So we would like to use your Billy font on some corporate details (store signs, headers etc).. The client is a regional kids clothing producer and has 4 local stores. We kindly ask for your permission and your conditions for using it :-)

Hello Mr Agency! I hope you see this as you sent it to me anonymously. If you look on billy’s Behance page, all the instructions on how to use the font commercially are on there ( I require a donation ). My email’s if you have any other questions (: 

i drew mary berry and now i’m feeding her #truelove
i drew this cute thing last year and found it today so here ya go
Norman’s blates gonna win Great British Bake Off 2k14. He’ll charm Mary with his boring bakes and the world will be his. #teamnorman
drawing beardy iain while watching episode 3! he retweeted this heheh.
feelin’ lonely
drew my good ol’ pal jono because what better way to find inspiration than stalking peoples profile photos and bastardising them ey
more watercolour bits
I’ve got a sexy evening date with some watercolours and a brush pen. Making me some business cards for those businessey days.
i’ve been drawing cakes all day at work!